Where is the Queen in November?

She is supporting the I’m Still Here art collaboration for Alzheimer’s/dementia at the Adrian District Library that benefits the Alzheimer’s Team for PLDeere Studios.  Stop by to say hi!  Take a photo with her.  Read her story.  Drop her a note! 

What?  She’s just a mannequin.  An inanimate object.  Well, maybe to you.  But for me, when I am wearing my rose colored glasses, she is more than that.  She started years ago during a difficult time in my life that hit at Christmas.  I just couldn’t imagine Christmas as usual so I dressed up “The Queen” in greenery, Christmas lights, a funky lighted hat, and ornaments.  I included a “shopping bag” where people were allowed to share a note for those who needed extra thoughts and prayers.  It took my mind off of my grief, and let me focus on helping others.  That, my friends, is the heart of The Queen.

She is a beacon of Hope.  She is Happiness in one painted package with a crown on top.  And she brings Healing to those who seek it.

My Queen will be at the library looking over the art collaboration on exhibit during the month.  She will greet you for the opening reception and stay through the closing.  She will have her “shopping bag” where you are invited to drop her a line for somebody you know who could use an extra hug, some prayers, or a way to let that person know you are still thinking about them.  With your permission, I’ll share those stories (names excluded).

Because this exhibit is intended to be a fund raiser, all of the art is for sale.  If the original has been sold or you’d rather have something smaller or less expensive, merchandise is available for most of the artwork in this show as well.  Things like beautiful shopping totes with the art images, coffee mugs, stickers and prints.

And, if nothing appeals to you for purchasing, just enjoy reading the stories.  Every piece of art has an incredible story.  I, and maybe some of the artists will be there from 5-8pm on November 4th during Adrian’s First Friday’s.   And, more of the artists and supporting businesses will be at the closing reception to share their stories, answer questions, and be a resource to those who need it.

If you are the kind of person who likes to donate to the cause, and you were moved by this art collaboration, my Alzheimer’s Team is: PLDeere Studios at the Alzheimer’s.org website.

If you’re one of the lucky ones, she may even have a pair of rose colored glasses waiting just for you at the library!

Bringing Hope Healing Happiness and the Queen!