Strength Courage & Wisdom

American Women Civil Rights Movement

Strength Courage & Wisdom are words sandblasted into the white glass on this oversized scale honoring women who were instrumental in the civil rights movement for women.  This window was installed into the Flint Bus Depot many years ago but is part of an important historical time in our American History.

I can’t find my notes to remember all of the names included in this project, but the silhouettes on the top were all important women that I was advised to include in this window.  Many other names appear in the background, painted and fired to be a permanent part of this story.

Because March is Women's History Month – commemorating and encouraging the study, observance and celebration of the vital role of women in American history, this was the perfect time to resurrect this artwork and share it.  This link will take you to the MTA website where you will find background information on all of the artwork installed at the bus depot.  All of the artwork is based on civil rights.


I would encourage anybody reading this who has the opportunity, go to the bus depot and check it out for yourself.  It is a walk through history and reminds us of where we have been, what we don’t want to repeat, and where we can go in our future.

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