Collaboration/Fundraiser - Alzheimer's Dementia

This event is a travelling show that allows artists to collaborate with others affected by Alzheimer's and/or dementia in a powerful way.  There are also opportunities for businesses to sponsor the event and supporting businesses to share how they help others in a variety of ways.  Read more below to see how you might fit in! 

To make this a successful event, I am looking for 10 groups that will consist of:

~ One artist,

~ One collaborating artist (affected by Alzheimer's/dementia),

~ One supporting business (business that supports the Alzheimer's/dementia community),

~ And one business sponsor.

Artists are asked to collaborate by creating artwork with another person.  This person may be somebody who is living with Alzheimer's/dementia now.  It may be a caregiver or somebody who has had a family member pass away as a result of this disease.  By collaborating it allows both artists an opportunity to share their experiences of living or working with people in this season of their life.  More details to follow, but if you are an artist who likes to collaborate, this is a perfect opportunity for you and you will possibly be nudged into a direction with your artwork that you have not explored, be given a 6 week time frame to complete the work, and have an opportunity to sell your work at the various locations the show will travel to.  You may create seperate works of art, you may create something together, or maybe you will be inspired by the other artist and go from there.

Collaborating artist can include somebody living with Alzheimer's/dementia now.  It may be a family member who would like to honor their loved one in a unique way.  Maybe it means you have a work of art they already created that you would like to submit for an artist to be inspired by. 

Alzheimer's/Dementia support businesses will be assigned an artist team.  While the exhibit is on display at various venues, you are invited to share how this disease affects us in so many ways.  It is an opportunity for you to share your value to this community and how you support those of us who may not understand the uniqueness of working and living with Alzheimer's and dementia.  You will be given an opportunity for an artist to host an art event at your location that may be used in this travelling show.  It will give those you work with, an opportunity to share what is in their hearts and minds in a very non-judgemental way, allowing them an opportunity to showcase their feelings and participate in the travelling show if they wish.

Sponsoring businesses will also be assigned an artist team.  Your business will be highlighted at every event the artwork is displayed as a thank you for your financial support.  You will be highlighted in social media posts and given an opportunity for a 2 hour event in your business, based on your availability.  Your support will show the community you care about his segment of our population in a very visual way.

The idea is to have two artists working together to create something beautiful, raise money for a great cause, and allow an opportunity for questions to be asked, answered, and maybe just pondered.