Bringing A Renovation To Life

This is still in the process but is exactly what I envisioned for this kitchen backsplash.

Motawi tile creates the mosaic surrounding the fused glass that will be grouted into the center this week.  Another matching panel will be placed on the right wall that surrounds this stove top.

Guaranteed, nobody else will have one just like it.  If that’s important to you, let me know what you are looking for and how we can come up with a fantastic design together.

Ready to grout    

This view gives you a little better idea of how it is coming together in the rest of the kitchen.  Custom glass fills the cabinet doors and a complimentary tile fills the rest of the backsplash under the cupboards.

How I work with custom glass customers:

1. We talk about your ideas.

2. If you are local, visiting your home or business is a definite plus!

3. If you are not local, we can work with photos or Zoom.

4. My best work comes from working with customers who give me the ability to create without much input after our initial design discussions. 

5. Why is that?  I know glass.  I know how the colors work together and how light affects it.  I understand what it looks like with natural light compared to artificial, or how the light changes during the day.  

6. Satisfaction is always guaranteed or you don’t have to take the work.  That is how confident I am in my skills to create custom glass and understand my customers needs.

7. 50% is taken upon signing of the contract.

8. 50% is paid upon installation.

9. What are you waiting for?  Let’s get talking!

10. Call or email me to begin the conversation. 517-667-0537

11. The 20% discount coupon you were given upon signing up for my emails can be used for materials on custom work if you have not already used the coupon.

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